'Once Upon A Time' 205 Review: Doctor Whale Revealed

‘Once Upon A Time’ 205 Review: Dr Whale Revealed In case the completely different title card wasn’t enough of a clue, ‘The Doctor’ doubles as the Halloween episode for Once Upon A Time. It also finally gave up the answer to one of the most pervasive questions in OUAT’s mythology thus far: who the hell is Dr. Whale? In doing so, it showed that there’s often far more interesting stories in the flashbacks of other lands, both fairy tale and something else entirely, than there is in the present-day. 
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'American Horror Story:Asylum' 2.02 Review


If you thought that last week’s season premiere of American Horror Story: Asylum threw way too many characters and stories at us then this week gave us more of what the show’s weekly rhythm may resemble. When a severely troubled patient is brought inside Briarcliff Manor, the procedure involved in his healing unearth dark secrets, keep a new character around, and give some of our favorite inmates their first real chance at escape. Plus more Pepper!

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Maroon 5 Lyrics That Predict Adam Levine's American Horror Story Fate


If you caught the season premiere of American Horror Story:Asylum this past Wednesday then you already know that Adam Levine's character Leo suffered a bloody fate. After watching the scenes with the Lovers play out, it's a little difficult to hear a Maroon 5 song without thinking about that grisly image. After a conversation on Twitter brought up how funny it is to hear 'Harder to Breathe' right now in the wake of the events on Asylum ("is there anyone out there cuz it's getting harder and harder to breathe"), we thought there's probably other Maroon 5 lyrics you can pluck right out of their poppy context and view them in a manner that's far more sinister. Here we have five Maroon 5 songs with lyrics that can now have double meaning thanks to the delightfully warped minds of Ryan Murphy and the writers of American Horror Story:Asylum.

*NSFW and Spoiler Alert warnings apply*

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Insomnia-Fueled Life Updates

As I sit here fucking awake when I really shouldn't be, I may as well do something of some use. So instead of writing the Kurt and Blaine move into the American Horror Story house fic I just thought up (it'd be brilliant, come on Zachary Quinto's character, Chad, could be friends with them. And then probably kill one of them as that is the thing about that show.) I'm going to post just a few things about what's going on in my life as of this now. 


  • I'm back in it. Attending Blue Mountain Community College to finish my associate's degree and then pile-drive head first into a bachelor's in Communications with a minor in Marketing it's looking like right now. 
  • I attend classes only three days a week except one of those is a fucking three hour History course I should dope up on Five Hour Energy shots before I attend again. Jesus that's a really long time to sit there and remember things and not just let my mind wander as it's prone to do. 
  • I also have a writing and speech course. The speech course requires group work. I fucking hate group work as me+people=never really worked out too well on average. To prove my point in this, I'm stuck all quarter with this massive bitch in my speech group. Ugh. Whatever, I didn't start going to college again to make friends. I already did that and do that online with you all and everyone I've met through Twitter and such. 
  • In less than two weeks I'll be turning twenty five years of age. Dear God where did it all go? Thankfully I would hope that the latter half of my twenties will be far better than the first half. It won't take much to accomplish this goal. I asked for a Breaking Bad cake or Phineas and Ferb cake for the occasion. Yeah, if that doesn't just describe me that sentence right there...
  • Living with my sister and her husband in order to afford going back to school. Currently sans jobby and that sucks in that I'm really going to be behind on my comic books again. 
  • My sister is pregnant for not the first time, but the first successful time. In January I'll be an aunt. So...that's happening. I'm pleased for her but I'm not the yay babies yay little kids type. It's going to be a girl so I have my work cut out for me making sure she doesn't grow up all lame and girly. Challenge Accepted. 
  • I haven't spoken to my former best friend in something like a half year now. She's married to my ex-fiancee and that's fine by me. They can go have boring incompetent sex together for the rest of their lives. Seriously, Leland McFarland couldn't fuck the middle of a freshly baked doughnut. Ah that was fun to say on the internet. Anyway yeah they're both dead to me. As is the hipster boy mistake I made last year who recently tried to talk to me again. Then when I was too busy to immediately drop everything and see him, started dating one of the many random girls he does. Wonder how this one will screw him over. Oh no wait, I don't. Not at all. 
  • Bet you can't tell from that little rant, but I have been going to therapy now. Started in July and it's been once a month or so. It really helps though I denied for years that I needed something like that. It's nice to bitch about things for an hour then try to actually figure out ways to deal with them. Finally helped me get some damn closure toward my dad's death as well and that's another thing I apparently needed to vent about sooner.
  • This is somewhat of a thank you to everyone who's checked out something on mine andiluvbsbkevin's blog, FromBeyondFandom. We both fucking love all of you who read our stuff and we'll also be starting a weekly American Horror Story podcast. More details on that soon, but we've both seen the pilot and we absolutely love it. 
  • I've also become a contributor to TVOvermind which has been greatly encouraging. I currently cover: Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Big Bang Theory, and Person of Interest
  • I'm on Tumblr now and use it! Sometimes! That's GeekyDevotee if anyone would like to follow, I follow back. 
Pop Culture
  • I got all caught up with Doctor Who and I'm pleased I did. It's great fun, and though I am one of those "David Tennant is my Doctor" people, I really dig Matt Smith and what Steven Moffat is choosing to do with his iteration of this massively sprawling verse. I also have seen all of Torchwood except for Miracle Day. Children of Earth, I thought was from top to bottom a nearly flawless miniseries.  I was expecting more tears honestly, but I must say that Jack and Ianto's relationship has definitely stuck with me. 
  • My current show I'm watching all of is Being Human the original UK version. Just finished series 1 yesterday and I must say I'm starting to get the whole Aidan Turner thing. He's fantastic. And wears yellow much more attractively than it should be worn. 
  • Following BH UK, I will be watching The Wire. I'm very excited to finally get to experience this life-changing piece of storytelling if I'm to believe the squees of everyone else who's ever seen it. 
  • Apparently Kurt and Blaine will be having bedroom fun later this season on Glee. That is more than alright with me. Damn that's going to be pretty cool to see on American TV. 
  • Last month, I got to see Daniel Tosh live. He was hilarious, the crowd of assholes that messed up his show? Not so much. Oh well, someday I'll hopefully live in a place that fucking appreciates things. 
So that about covers most things I think. 
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New Blog Post: Speak For Yourself my thoughts on the reaction to DC's lady problems

Today was the first post for our opinion series. After I learned all about the DC vs. Women mess and the petition it inspired, I felt like I had some things to say on this subject.  You can find that post Here

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New Blog Post: Breaking Bad 3.04 Review

Posted a review of the new episode of Breaking Bad over at my blog. Thank you so much to anyone who's has given us a read, we love and appreciate the support. If you'd like, check us out on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter.

4.03 Open House Review
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New Blog Post: Slash Focus ft. Godric/Eric

This is the first in a regular feature on FBF. Slash Focus puts the spotlight on a different pairing that we think is awesome. Our first pairing is Godric/Eric from the HBO series True Blood. Check it out and leave a comment here, or there if you know of a pairing we should highlight in a future column.

            Slash Focus